RumGolf Rum® & Keep It Tropical Brewing™


RumGolf Rum® – small batch crafted spirits

Keep It Tropical Brewing™ – craft beer division

RumGolf® started as merely a hobby, a lark really, at the beginning of the second millennium though our charter and accompanying proclamations were philosophically-distilled in the nineties.

The focus of RumGolf® was then and remains now very simple, in a word, camaraderie. This camaraderie was manifested through the gifting of mementos from shirts to hats to belts (on occasion accompanied with a beverage or two) to commemorate “moments” of especially memorable times that were had primarily on golf courses spanning from the United States to the Caribbean & Central America to Ireland & of course Scotland, the Home Of Golf.

So, having officially begun actual operations in Spring of 2014, we simply strive each day to maintain the same lightness that was the initial catalyst for brand’s creation and henceforth its longevity, apparently. In addition, our tradition of quality has been another tenet and constant from the beginning.

As many of you know, up until last year when our wares were only able to be gifted and not available for purchase so in keeping with that legacy, we still maintain a private stock of some RumGolf Reserve®  items that are not for sale and specifically for gifting to friends, family & naturally our best clients, whom we like to refer to as friends.

We consider the initial brand categories that we have chosen to pursue to be uniquely synergistic in that all are woven into the tapestry of Resort-style relaxation, from sportswear and accessories to premium skincare to small batch spirits, beginning with our vintage Caribbean-recipe rum, and short run special edition craft beer offerings from our Keep It Tropical Brewing division.

RumGolf® is equal parts self-deprecating yet practical and prudent yet refined and as such as a lifestyle brand we simply try our best to assist with celebrating life and have the utmost reverence for those that provide us the freedom to do so, specifically Our Troops (see Our Cause for more).

Comprised of unsung daily “events” and “moments”, we try to provide an outlet for reminiscing about these moments, optimally over a couple of our hand-crafted brewed beverages. And, looking forward, we aim to be a metaphorical “round table” to discuss ideas old and new with friends old and new.

RumGolf® believes its perpetual silver-lining perspective and notion of always trying to Keep It Tropical™ complement our core credo of always giving back in both good times and bad.

So thanks for visiting our state of mind and no matter where you are whilst doing so hopefully our small batch beverage offerings will help you teleport yourself if even of a brief moment to wherever it is you optimally want to be and with whom you optimally want to be there with, past and present.

Please feel free to also visit the RumGolf® Resort-centric Sportswear & Accoutrements site:

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