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(Can design for our Turbo IPA)

→ Our 6.8% Keep It Tropical IPA™ is our flagship beer offering and will launch soon, stay tuned.

Our core Keep It Tropical™ IPA™ will be followed by limited production of truly unique Ales & Lagers that will comprise the first “Series” of beers.

One of the unique ingredients contained in some of  the Keep It Tropical™ signature beer series will be its Hydrationator™ technology that features patent pending Electrolyte-based hydrating properties within a Potassium-rich natural formula. This functional beverage base is all-natural and is extracted from sugar cane that will enable RumGolf to produce a lower calorie (when compared to other craft IPAs) that is hydrating and high in potassium. Some Gluten-free offerings are also planned.

Our goal is that our small batch beer and spirits offerings featuring this Hydrationator™ technology will help to counter balance issues that have plagued alcohol beverages prior, specifically dehydration.

Some of our Hydrationator™ technology infused offerings are expected to include:

- A limited edition Double-IPA (quadruple-hopped) with a working title of Keep It Tropical Especial™ with Turbinado Sugar (“raw”) and hints of Toasted Coconut.

 - A lighter limited edition summer Kolsch-style Golden Ale with hints of Cucumber, Coconut & Wasabi.

 - The Keep It Tropical™ series will also feature a peach flavored offering that will be lower in calories (compared to most other craft beers) and Gluten-free.

- Additionally, The Baconator™ with a heavily bacony flavor with a coffee essence is also in the works.

 - “10™” aka “Perfect 10″ will be a limited edition brew and aged in Rum Barrels. Its name comes from the 10% alcohol content. While the preliminary batches of this offering brewed in our laboratory are hit with astute craft beer aficionados, we are refining the formula so that even non-craft beer aficionados and even non-beer drinkers “get it”  (this is no small task for  us as haters gonna hate regardless given their inherent inability to even recognize greatness in the first place).

Spirits will follow and are expected to include Rum and Vodka and will also be manufactured with Hydrationator™ technology making the offerings again, more hydrating than other spirits brands.

- In mid 2015 in cooperation with an award-winning distillery, we intend to begin development of:

→RumGolf Island Coconut Rum™ featuring Hydrationator™ technology

→RumGolf Island Coconut Vodka™ featuring Hydrationator™ technology

As these offerings will include Hydrationator™ technology, each will be low in calories, Gluten-free and include Electrolytes and Potassium.

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